Apple TV With 4K HDR and Focus on Live TV to be Announced at September Event

Apple TV 4th gen

Rumor is that Apple is working on an Apple TV set-top box that supports 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Apple will be unveiling a fifth-generation Apple TV at this year’s September event, where the company is also expected to unveil new iPhones, including the iPhone 8. The report states that Apple will be including a faster processor inside the unit, which will make it possible to support the 4K content, as well as HDR. With the latter, colors will be more natural, brighter, and blacks darker. In both the 4K and HDR content case, a TV that supports both will be required.

On top of that, Apple will be introducing changes to its official TV app, which will put a bigger focus on live content.

“The updated box, to be revealed alongside new iPhone and Apple Watch models at an event in September, will run a faster processor capable of streaming the higher-resolution 4K content, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans aren’t yet public. The 4K designation is a quality standard that showcases content at twice the resolution of 1080P high-definition video, meaning the clarity is often better for the viewer. Apple is also testing an updated version of its TV app, which first launched in 2016, that can aggregate programming from apps that already offer live streaming.”

This isn’t new information by any means, considering we’ve heard about the 4K-enabled Apple TV for a bit of time now, and the announcement at the September event is something we’ve heard already, too. iTunes will be getting 4K HDR content as well. Still, if you’ve been waiting to get an Apple TV because it needed to support 4K and HDR, it looks like this season will be the time to buy.

[via Bloomberg]