Face ID To Be iPhone 8’s ‘Crown Jewel’ Feature

Bloomberg has done a roundup of all the new features in iPhone 8 and what to expect from the device. The roundup shows how Apple despite not being the first to the market with new technologies is able to offer a better user experience.

While Apple will be launching three new iPhones this year, a lot of interest and hype is surrounding the iPhone 8 — a premium new iPhone variant that will feature an OLED display with a bezel-less front, 3D facial recognition, and more.

Highlighting all the new features which the iPhone 8 is going to come with including 3D facial recognition, inductive charging, tap to wake, slimmer bezels, and virtual home button, Bloomberg report details how other OEMs have beaten Apple in being the first to bring these technologies to the market. Nonetheless, Apple’s implementation is likely going to be superior to others as the company focuses more on delivering the best experience.

As per the report, the virtual home button section on the iPhone 8 will likely be a step up in functionality when compared to the existing implementation found on many Android devices. Additionally, the reconfigured vertically placed dual-camera setup at the rear should also allow AR apps to work better.

Interestingly, the report cites 3D facial recognition on the iPhone 8 as its “crown jewel” feature. Apart from unlocking the device, it would also be used to authenticate Apple Pay transactions. The 3D facial sensor would be able to recognize a user’s face and unlock the device in just a “few hundred milliseconds.” While many other Android OEMs are already shipping their phones with face unlock, it does not work properly in low-light scenarios. To bypass this problem, Apple is including infrared sensors at the front of the device which can map a user’s face even in the dark.

[Via Bloomberg]