Gmail on iOS Updated with Anti-Phishing Feature

Gmail - Anti Phishing iOS

The Gmail app on iOS is getting the much awaited anti-phishing feature, warning users of risks involved in opening links belonging to untrusted sites. This feature was rolled out to the Android version of the app earlier this year, and is finally making its way to iOS as well.

With this update, when a user tries to open a link from an untrusted site within Gmail, the app notifies the user of its harms. If the user intends to go through anyway, a page will open up issuing a second warning.

The feature will appear directly within Gmail and doesn’t need an App Store update. However, since it’s rolled out on the server side, the visibility of the feature might depend on your geographical location for the time being. However, Google expects the global rollout to be completed within 15 days.

As a rule, it’s highly recommended to not open links from unknown sources within emails. But even the best of us can be fooled sometimes, and the presence of these features ensures the safety of the users.

Gmail for iOS was updated with a revamped user interface and the ability to unsend emails late last year. Since then, we’ve seen the app getting a flurry of new changes, including the standard suite of bug fixes and some other important additions like Smart Reply.

Gmail is one of the most widely used mail clients on the web and mobile devices around the world. It’s available as a free app from the iTunes App Store.

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[Via Google Blog]