Group of Chinese App Developers File Antitrust Complaint against Apple over Monopolistic App Store Behaviour

A developer group consisting of 28 Chinese developers have filed a complaint against Apple for antitrust violations on the App Store. The group accuses Apple of removing apps from the App Store without any proper explanation and also charging excess fees for in-app purchases.

The developer group has filed a complaint against Apple with the National Development and Reform Commission as well as the State Administration for Industry & Commerce. The developers also mention in their complaint that Apple puts them at a disadvantage by not responding to their queries in Chinese.

The complaint accusses Apple of engaging in monopolistics behavior by removing apps from the App Store without detailed explanation and charging excessive fees for in-app purchases.

The antitrust complaint was filed by Dare & Sure law firm, with the company thinking it was best to involve Chinese regulators in this matter for an ideal resolution.

Apple in its statement to the Wall Street Journal says that it enforces its App Store guidelines equally in all countries, with developers having the option of requesting a review of any decision they are not happy with. The company also said that it is working on expanding its developer relations team to help improve app development in the country.

This is not the first time that developers have criticised Apple for unfairly removing their apps from the App Store. Developers from across the world have complained of a similar issue since years now.

Apple recently removed over 400+ VPN apps from the App Store after a new Chinese government policy banned all VPN services and apps in the country. In addition, Apple also removed over 58,000 low quality and spam apps from the iOS App Store in just two weeks. Apple has been aggressively cleaning the App Store in recent months and has removed hundreds of thousands of spam apps over the last few months.

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