HomePod Firmware reveals ‘SmartCamera’ Feature to Detect Scenes, Babies, and More

While Apple showcased iOS 11 earlier this year, and even debuted the HomePod, talk about the iPhone 8 and its features are still a ways off.

Until then, we’ve got the HomePod firmware to give us a lot of answers ahead of Apple’s official announcements. We’ve recently seen quite a few different things regarding the iPhone 8, including basically confirming the upcoming device’s “notch” design, and that the handset will feature things like “tap to wake,” a redesigned status bar, and more.

And now even more details have emerged. Developer Guilherme Rambo has published a variety of different pictures showing off the firmware for Apple’s upcoming smart speaker, which reveals a brand new feature called “SmartCamera.” It’s a feature that could be baked into iOS 11, or the iPhone 8 specifically, and it will be able to autodetect a variety of different elements, including scenes.

Of those scenes, the SmartCamera feature could differentiate between things like “fireworks,” a “bright stage,” an area with heavy “foliage,” and other things like “snow,” “sport,” and “SunsetSunrise.” With this in place, it stands to reason that the SmartCamera feature would make it possible for the rear, or even front-facing cameras on the iPhone 8 to automatically adjust exposure and other elements when taking a photo or video to adjust to the scene.

Selecting a scene to take a photo isn’t anything new on standalone cameras, of course, and it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Apple roll out a similar feature for its iPhone lineup.

In addition to these elements, the SmartCamera feature will apparently also boast something called “freezeMotion,” which also specifically calls out things like babies, pets, and “face scenes.” This could suggest there will also be new scene detection elements, working in conjunction with the SmartCamera’s scenes. If the naming scheme is any indicator of the feature itself, it could help capture fast-moving elements, like babies and pets, and capture a photo when the best possible moment presents itself.

Apple accidentally released the HomePod firmware late last week, and, since then, details about the upcoming flagship iPhone, as well as elements tied into iOS 11, have been revealed. Of course, we’ve also learned things about the HomePod itself, like the fact it will feature 1GB of RAM and that it has a multi-LED display on its top, among other things.

[via MacRumors; @_inside]