HomePod Firmware Reveals More iPhone 8 Details: Tap to Wake, Redesigned Status Bar, 3x Retina Display, and More

The HomePod firmware that Apple published last week for developers ended up providing quite a bit of information not just about the speaker but also about the upcoming iPhone 8. It confirmed the existence of Face ID and the bezel-less notch display design of the handset. Now, developer Steve T-S has managed to find some details about the iPhone 8 by prodding into the firmware.

The firmware confirms that the iPhone 8 will come with a 3x Retina display with a resolution of 1125×2436. Additionally, since the handset will come with a notch display design, Apple has completely revamped the status bar. As per Steve, the new status bar seems more powerful and interactive though a bit more complex as well. It’s still unclear how the new status bar in iOS will work on the iPhone 8 thanks to its notch display design though.

With the iPhone 8 lacking a physical home button at the front, Apple also plans on adding ‘Tap to Wake’ support on it. As for the virtual home button, it is being referenced as the ‘home indicator’ in the firmware and will automatically be hidden by the OS in certain scenarios.

Worryingly perhaps, Steve says that none of the files in the HomePod firmware makes any reference to the Touch ID located beneath the display. This likely means that similar to Samsung, Apple has also not managed to get the technology ready in time and will ship the iPhone 8 with a capacitive fingerprint scanner located at its rear or skip it altogether.

The HomePod firmware also suggests that ARKit and the Photos app on the new iPhone would be getting a bunch of new features to make use of the front-facing depth sensing camera sensor. They will also be able to detect a wide range of facial expressions as per the codebase.

Finally, the HomePod firmware also reveals that Apple will be adding a new ‘Skiing’ workout to the Apple Watch with watchOS 4.

While we have heard a lot about the iPhone 8 from various leaks and reports, all the revelations made by the HomePod firmware have made things a lot clearer surrounding the handset. And since they are coming straight from Apple, there is no reason to doubt their authenticity as well.