HomePod Firmware Reveals Upcoming 4K Apple TV with HDR10 and Dolby Vision; iPhone 8’s Face ID to Support Third-Party Apps

Apple TV 4

The HomePod firmware that Apple published a couple of weeks back inadvertently revealed a lot about the upcoming iPhone 8. Now, more digging into the firmware has revealed that Apple is working on a new Apple TV with 4K support. 

In addition to 4K, the 5th generation Apple TV will also support HDR10 and Dolby Vision, something that is still a rarity among streaming boxes right now. The introduction of a 4K Apple TV makes sense now as prices of 4K TVs with HDR support has come down drastically in recent times.

Since the upcoming Apple TV will support 4K, it is likely to come with more powerful internals and faster Wi-Fi to ensure there are no resource or bandwidth limitations.

In addition, more prodding into the HomePod firmware from iHelp has revealed that the Face ID recognition on the iPhone 8 will work even when the device is lying flat on a table/back. The code in the firmware hints at this being an Accessibility feature, though it should still be available for all users. Other references in the firmware hint at Face ID being supported by third-party apps as well. Similar to Touch ID, it is possible that Face ID can be used by third-party apps for security verification purposes. If Apple ends up shipping the iPhone 8 without Touch ID, allowing third-party apps to make use of the facial scanner for security purposes makes a lot of sense.

This year’s key iPhone 8 leaks have come straight from Apple thanks to the HomePod firmware so there is little reason to doubt their authenticity. Code found in the HomePod firmware has already revealed that the iPhone 8 will come with a notch display design, Face ID, 4K recording at 60fps, tap to wake, 3x Retina Display, and more.

[Via iHelp]