HomePod Firmware: iPhone 8’s Rear and Front Cameras May Record 4K Video at 60 fps

Another day, another revelation discovered within the firmware for Apple’s upcoming smart speaker, the HomePod.

Today, courtesy of Brazilian site iHelp BR, we’ve got another hint at what the iPhone 8, or whatever Apple ends up calling their flagship smartphone this year, might be capable of. According to the portion of the firmware, the iPhone 8’s rear camera setup, as well as the front-facing camera, will be able to record 4K video at 60 frames per second. For those keeping track, that’s certainly a noteworthy change when compared to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple’s current iPhones support recording 4K video through the rear cameras only, and up to 30 fps. Meanwhile, the front-facing camera on both units only records video at 1080p HD. For folks who want to record 60 fps content from their phone, 4K wasn’t an option. That may be changing in this year’s flagship model, though.

As it stands, while the firmware for the HomePod does hint at the possibility, there’s no guarantee just yet that the iPhone 8’s rear- and front-facing cameras will boast this particular feature. The inclusion of 60 fps 4K video recording would certainly be a step improvement for the iPhone 8 when compared to the iPhone 7, at least for the end user interested in that sort of thing.

The last update from the HomePod firmware was related to the iPhone 8 camera, too, suggesting that it will boast “SmartCamera” features that will allow it to automatically and adjust camera settings based on a variety of different scenes and environments. We’ve also learned the overall design of the iPhone 8, as well as the possibilities that the flagship device will feature things like “tap to wake” and more.

Are all of these details gleaned from the HomePod firmware getting you excited for the iPhone 8?

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