iPhone 8 Facial Recognition May Work With Third-Party Apps, Support Multiple Faces

Rumor has it that the iPhone 8 is going to put a huge focus on facial recognition, and, as such, may be replacing Touch ID as a security feature on this year’s flagship iPhone.

Corroborating evidence has surfaced ever since Apple accidentally released the firmware for their upcoming smart speaker, the HomePod, back in July. Earlier this month, for instance, the firmware outlined that the iPhone 8’s facial recognition would more than likely support Apple Pay, with hints that it would be the primary means of confirming a payment made on the device — since Touch ID isn’t mentioned at all.

Now, thanks to developer Guilherme Rambo, we’ve got further proof that Apple will be relying primarily on “Face ID” (or whatever they call it) for security on the upcoming iPhone 8. Rambo was able to discover that strings within the firmware code say that “Pearl ID,” what’s believed to be Face ID, point to authentication for Apple Pay. That echoes what we’ve heard previously up to this point.

Moreover, Rambo revealed that the code also states that Pearl ID will support multiple faces. And, finally, “numberOfAppsUsingPearl” seems to suggest that the facial recognition software will also support third-party apps. Touch ID is supported by a variety of different third-party apps, so replacing that functionality with Face ID would be an important requirement.

Rambo also confirmed a variety of different features going into future iPhones earlier today as well, including that they will support 240fps video recording at 1080p HD quality, boast support for Advanced HDR, and offer “multiple biometrics options.”

[via @_inside]