Safari on iOS 11 Will Automatically Convert AMP Links to Original URLs

safari on iphone

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is open source publishing platform by Google aimed at reducing browsing speeds and improving page scrolling by cutting down advertising and some other parts of a standard URL. Naturally, this has come under severe scrutiny from developers and website owners as it completely erases the original URL when shared. Apple, however, has a workaround for this with iOS 11. Federico Viticci from MacStories discovered that Safari on iOS 11 beta converts AMP links to standard URLs when copied to clipboard or shared around.

It seems like Apple doesn’t want AMP to be forced on its users, which is a wise move and one that has received unanimous approval from the users. It’s still too early to tell if Apple will bundle this with the public version of iOS 11 which is expected to hit devices next month. The iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, and the 7s Plus will run iOS 11 out of the box.

Apple has taken some decisions against Google in the past, although not every move has been successful. The company’s initial run of Apple Maps was a disaster, leading to the ouster of Scott Forstall, who apparently refused to sign Apple’s public apology regarding Apple Maps. However, the partial removal of AMP will no doubt be a successful move for Apple.

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[Via @viticci]