4K Apple TV Will Gain Dolby Atmos Support With Future Software Update

Before the 4K Apple TV was to launch, rumors surrounding the device pointed to it coming with Dolby Atmos support. However, at the launch event, Apple only highlighted the 4K streaming capability of the box without any mention of Dolby Atmos. Turns out, the company plans on adding support for Dolby Atmos to the 4K Apple TV through a future tvOS software update.

Unlike 4K and HDR content, content with Dolby Atmos is readily available online. Unlike other sound standards, Dolby Atmos allows the sound to travel in a 3D space rather than limiting it to a speaker/channel setup you have. Netflix already supports Dolby Atmos, with the Xbox One S and Roku streaming box also supporting the standard.

If you are looking to buy the 4K Apple TV, I will highly recommend you to read The Verge’s review first since it provides plenty of details about the various factors and issues limiting the streaming box from achieving its full potential. Thanks to format wars, you simply cannot buy a 4K Apple TV and expect to enjoy 4K and HDR content on your TV. Instead, you might just end up getting poorer picture quality in Full HD resolution as well.

[Via The Verge]