4K Apple TV Will Render Content Natively at 2160p, Require 15Mbps Connection For 4K Streaming

Apple TV 4th gen

The iOS 11 GM leak has not only provided details about the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X but also about other devices Apple will be unveiling on September 12. The unveiling of a 4K Apple TV on Tuesday is all but confirmed and thanks to developer Steve Stroughton Smith, we now know a bit more about it.

The 4K Apple TV, presumably called the Apple TV 5, will render content natively at 2160p and will support color formats like HDR 1o, Dolby Vision, and more. To be able to stream 4K content though, Apple TV owners must have a 15Mbps connection otherwise the device will fall back to streaming content in 1080p.

Apple has already started offering 4K and HDR content on the iTunes Store. Other apps should also receive an update around the time the 4K Apple TV launches to add support for 4K streaming. Due to the network and bandwidth requirements, the 4K Apple TV is likely only going to be available in selected markets.

Since the 4K Apple TV will pack powerful internals, it is possible that Apple will be pricing the device slightly higher than the ongoing model.

Do you plan on buying a 4K Apple TV when it launches later this month?