4K Content Starts Appearing on iTunes Store Ahead of 4K Apple TV Launch

With the 4K Apple TV going up for pre-order later today, Apple has started rolling out 4K HDR content in the iTunes Store. All 4K movies in the App Store carry a ‘4K’ and ‘Dolby Vision’ tag. 

For now, there are only a limited number of 4K movies available on the iTunes Store, though the number is bound to increase with time. As of now, no 4K TV shows have been uploaded to the store, but again, we should see a few becoming available over the next few days.

What is impressive is the fact that Apple is offering 4K movies to buy or rent at the same price as HD movies. Other digital storefronts have always charged users extra for buying or renting 4K content. So, this move is definitely going to help the mainstream adoption of 4K content among consumers.

Additionally, Apple has also started upgrading previously purchased content from customers to 4K for free.

The 4K Apple TV goes up for pre-order later today for $179. The device will hit the retail store on September 22 alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.