Amazon May be Building Smart Glasses With Built-In Alexa Support

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Smart glasses might be the next big thing, many years after Google tried it out, and now even Amazon might be preparing to jump on the bandwagon.

According to a report from the Financial Times, Amazon is currently developing smart glasses that will feature the company’s digital personal assistant, Alexa, built right in. Amazon is aiming to get the wearables to feature bone-conduction technology, and they will reportedly look like a regular pair of glasses. With the bone-conduction technology, it means that owners will be able to hear Alexa without needing a separate earphone or speakers.

The report indicates that the device might not feature any type of display or camera, which would certainly make it a different approach from what Google tried with its own effort, Google Glass. What’s more, it’s different than what we’ve heard Apple has been working on for quite some time as well, with Apple’s own efforts apparently featuring some type of display, too. Although, some rumors have suggested Apple could let wearers use their connected iPhone as the display, too.

Apple’s own efforts with augmented reality (AR) are no secret, as Tim Cook sees the technology as one of the most important for the general audience. Under Cook’s watch, Apple has turned iOS into one of the biggest platforms for AR in the world, thanks to the recent launch of iOS 11 and ARKit.

If Apple is working on a pair of smart glasses, while AR will be a big deal, so will Siri, so it will be interesting to see what Apple is working on, if they ever do get around to unveiling it.

Would you buy a pair of smart glasses with Amazon’s Alexa built in?

[via Financial Times]