Apple Finally Seems to Be Catching up to AirPods Demand as Shipping Estimates Improve to 3-5 Days

AirPods vs EarPods

Almost a year after its release, Apple seems to be finally closing in on reaching a supply/demand balance for the AirPods. The wireless earbuds have largely been in short supply since their launch last year, with average shipping times of around a three to four weeks. Now though, shipping times of AirPods have reduced to just three to five business days in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and other major countries.

The reduced shipping estimates point to Apple finally catching up with the demand for the AirPods and likely solving all its production woes surrounding the wireless earbuds. In the U.S. and the U.K., Apple’s online store is providing an estimated delivery date of around October 3 to October 5.

While there are quite a few wireless earbuds available in the market, Apple’s AirPods are one of a kind due to their ease of use, wireless performance, and battery life. When first unveiled, the AirPods were ridiculed for their $159 price tag but considering the features they pack, they are actually quite a bargain. Customers are also extremely happy with their AirPods as evident from their 98 percent customer satisfaction rating.

During the third quarter earnings call this year, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed that demand for the AirPods has been through the roof and the company is working to meet the demand. He also pointed out that Apple has increased the production capacity of the AirPods to meet the additional demand. It looks like two months after boosting the production capacity, Apple seems to have finally managed to catch up with the demand for its wireless earbuds.

[Via MacRumors]