Apple Marks Sixth-Generation iPod Nano as Obsolete

The sixth-generation iPod nano from Apple has officially become obsolete now. This means that Apple’s service centers will no longer be accepting repairs for the music player.

Apple had released the sixth-generation iPod nano in 2010 before discontinuing it in September 2012. The Cupertino company usually offers repairs and after sales support for its devices for at least five years after it stops manufacturing them.

Due to local laws in California, Apple will still have to offer repair support to sixth-generation iPod nano owners until September 2019.

The small size of the iPod nano also allowed many to strap it on to their wrist by using a third-party strap. This allowed for an easy music listening experience during one’s running or exercise session.

The last time Apple showed attention to its iPod nano lineup was in July 2015 when it refreshed the lineup with new colors. The company officially discontinued its iPod nano and shuffle lineup earlier this year.

[Via MacRumors]