Apple Now Offering 32GB Variant of the iPhone 7 in Jet Black

iPhone 7 Jet Black

Apple made some changes to its product lineup with the announcement of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X yesterday. It has now been discovered that Apple is offering the Jet Black version of the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus in a 32GB configuration. The Jet Black iPhone 7 was previously available only in 128 and 256GB variants. It is interesting to point out that Apple has discontinued the 256GB models of the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus.

Apple was heavily pushing the Jet Black version of the iPhone 7 last year. However, the company didn’t offer the handset in the entry level 32GB storage capacity, leaving users no option but to buy the 128 or 256GB model.

This new change, however, suggests a shift in strategy, especially with the newer iPhones set to hit the markets soon. Following the reshuffle in its lineup yesterday, Apple has also removed the PRODUCT(RED) version of the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus from its stores. The iPhone 7 lineup is currently available in Jet Black, Black, Silver, Rose Gold, and Gold variants.

Despite the hype and popularity of the variant last year, Apple isn’t offering a Jet Black version of the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X. This could be due to the fact that the new iPhones come with glass back panels, while the iPhone 7 lineup has a metal body, making it easier to use the glossy finish on the back. The 32GB Jet Black version of the iPhone 7 is now available for $549, while the iPhone 7 Plus in the same configuration is available for $669.

[Via MacRumors]