Apple Pay Cash To Launch in Late October

When Apple announced iOS 11 at WWDC, it also unveiled Apple Pay Cash — a peer-to-peer payment service residing inside iMessage. However, when the final version of iOS 11 was released ot the public earlier this month, Apple Pay Cash was nowhere to be found. Even in the recently released first beta of iOS 11.1, Apple Pay Cash continues to be missing. 

Now, if the language on Apple’s own website is anything to go by, the company plans on releasing Apple Pay Cash in late October. It is possible that Apple Pay Cash will go live around the same time as the iPhone X pre-orders go live or the handset hits the retail stores. Presumably, the final release of iOS 11.1 should drop around late October and should include Apple Pay Cash functionality. iPhone and Apple Watch owners will also be able to use Siri to send and request money from their friends via Apple Pay Cash.

Apple Pay Cash will allow iPhone and iPad owners to easily send money to their friends and family through iMessage. Any money received would be stored in an Apple Pay Card which could then be used just like a normal credit/debit card at any retail store with Apple Pay support. All peer-to-peer transactions done through Apple Pay Cash will be completely free and not entail any transaction fees as well.

[Via 9to5Mac]