Some Apple Watch Series 3 With LTE Owners Experiencing Activation Issues

Ahead of the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, Apple conceded that the smartwatch was impacted by a bug that would not let the device connect to the cellular network after handing off from a Wi-Fi network.

According to a compilation of owner reports over at MacRumors, via that publication’s forums, AT&T customers are being notified that their smartwatch can’t be activated. In some cases, AT&T support representatives do not seem able to fix the issue, and others are telling customers that their Apple Watch Series 3 needs a new phone number attached to it altogether.

“I am having the same problem. I contacted AT&T and they said I need to have a new number created for the watch before it will work and I am almost certain that is not true.

I contacted AppleCare and they said that there are connectivity issues with the watch and the engineers are working very hard to get it fixed.

Basically, this is a nightmare scenario for Apple and we’re left without the #1 reason we made this purchase.”

Some reports are saying that AT&T is having the hardest trouble with activating the Series 3 Apple Watch when it wasn’t directly purchased from AT&T. In those cases, it appears the activation process is failing and reps can’t seem to alleviate the problem. In some cases owners are being told to call back to get assistance tomorrow:

“I have been on the phone for quite a while today with AT&T, transferred over 10 times, only to be told that they can’t activate watches today due to a system issue and to call back tomorrow. It seems to be gaining notice on reddit on the apple watch subreddit.”

Some AT&T representatives are informing customers that, in the event of having to call back tomorrow, it is because they don’t have enough information to fix the problem now.

T-Mobile customers appear to be running into similar issues. Those customers are being told that they are running across system-wide issues, which is apparently affecting the signal that the Apple Watch Series 3 would usually connect to.

Meanwhile, Verizon Wireless customers are apparently not having that many issues, especially not compared to T-Mobile and AT&T customers. However, there are some instances where customers have bene told Verizon’s systems are seeing hiccups, too, and that Verizon is currently doing maintenance to fix the problem. When it will be, though, remains unknown.

If you’ve picked up a Series 3 with LTE, are you experiencing any issues?

[via MacRumors]