Apple Working With Stanford and American Well To Detect Abnormal Heart Rhythms Using Apple Watch

Apple Watch Closeup

Apple is reportedly working with the Standford and American Well on a project which will allow the Apple Watch to detect abnormal heart rhythms.The Cupertino company wants to achieve this using the heart rate sensor in the Apple Watch itself. 

Apple is workly closely with a group of clinicians at Standford along with telemedicine vendor American Well. Apple wants to see if the heart rate sensor in the Apple Watch would be capable of detecting abnormal heart rhythms in patients or not. While abnormal heart rhythms are not problematic, it can lead to atrial fibrillation which increases the risk of blood clots, strokes, and more.

The company is partnering up with a group of clinicians at Stanford, as well as telemedicine vendor American Well, to test whether Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor can detect abnormal heart rhythms in a cohort of patients, according to two people familiar. The people requested anonymity as these plans have not yet been made public.

The clinical study for the project will start from later this year.

American Well CEO did not provide any comment on the company working with Apple, but he did say that it is working closely with wearable makers.

Apple has been increasingly trying to make the Apple Watch more useful in detecting key health metrics. Alongside irregular heart rhythms, Apple is also working on glucose monitoring methods for the Apple Watch. This way, the Apple Watch could end up becoming a must-have wearable for patients with heart disease or diabetes. Apple’s excellent Health app also does a great job of ensuring that all the health metrics are easily available under one roof.

[Via CNBC]