Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Goes on Sale October 1 for $299

Back in August, Fitbit finally unveiled the smartwatch it has been working on for quite some time, officially calling it the Ionic.

At the same time, the company revealed it would be priced at $299, as well as detailing its specifications and features that potential customers would get for paying the price tag. And while Fitbit was comfortable confirming the smartwatch would launch sometime in October of this year, they weren’t ready to give a specific date at the time.

That has changed, with the company announcing that the Ionic wearable will arrive on October 1. It will still cost $299 when it does. While this means that the Ionic will launch after the Apple Watch Series 3, it is technically still a few days ahead of the Nike+ Apple Watch Series 3, which officially goes on sale on October 5.

Some of the features that Fitbit is putting in the upcoming Ionic is Fitbit Pay, a quick and easy mobile payment option. There is built-in GPS, Fitbit promises five days of battery life, and automatic sleep tracking. It has some built-in storage, too, so you can have offline music playback without specifically relying on the phone to stream music.

It’s also worth noting that Fitbit is releasing its software development kit for the Ionic smartwatch on Tuesday, September 26.

The Ionic smartwatch is still available to pre-order right now, priced at $299, if you’re invested in Fitbit’s alternative.

Are you already planning on choosing Fitbit’s smartwatch over the Apple Watch Series 3? Or will you be going with Apple’s option?