How To Buy a Wireless Charger for iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X

With its 2017 iPhone lineup, Apple has finally gotten around to adding Qi wireless charging support to them. While not truly wireless, Qi wireless charging is the closest we can come to experiencing wireless charging on a device right now. It is also the most popular wireless charging standard out there with plenty of flagship Android devices supporting it.

Now, before you buy a wireless charger for your new iPhone, there are a few things you must know and keep in mind.

Apple itself is not selling a wireless charger for the new iPhones, though it did demo AirPower – a wireless charging pad – for the new iPhones, AirPods, and Apple Watch Series 3. AirPower is not supposed to debut until 2018 and in typical Apple style, it is going to be very expensive. So unless you have the patience of a monk and the bank balance of Bill Gates, there really is no need for you to wait for AirPower for your new iPhone. Apple itself showed off a few third-party Qi-enabled wireless chargers from the likes of Belkin and other accessory makers at the iPhone launch event.

#1 Buy Qi Wireless Charger

Pronounced Chee, Qi is the most popular wireless charging standard out there. You are unlikely to come across any other wireless charger in the market, but still, ensure the wireless charger you are buying is Qi compatible.

#2 Use 10W Power Adapter

Wireless charging on the new iPhones tops out at 7.5W. Depending on the wireless charger you buy, it may or may not come with a power adapter bundled. If you are using a power adapter of your own, make sure that it supplies at least 10W of power. The one that Apple bundles with the iPhone only supplies 5W of power so it is not going to be sufficient. While a 5W power adapter will still allow the wireless charger to work, it would charger your iPhone very slowly.

Most wireless chargers feature a microUSB or USB-C so it’s likely that you will have a 10W power adapter lying around. If not, you can always buy them for cheap from your neighborhood electronics store.

#3 Go for a Renowned Brand

While you will find Qi wireless chargers from plenty of brands on Amazon for cheap, try going for a renowned brand like Anker, Aukey, Samsung, Choetech, Belkin, and others. Wireless chargers from these brands might cost you a wee bit more, but they will also be well built and be far reliable than others.

#4 Fast Wireless Chargers

There’s wireless charging and then there’s fast wireless charging. While the iPhone 8 and iPhone X can pull a maximum of 7.5W while being charged wirelessly, Samsung phones can pull almost 15W of power when charged using a compatible Qi charger. Dubbed fast wireless chargers, these chargers are more expensive and larger than your run of the mill Qi chargers. They even come with a small fan pre-installed to better dissipate the heat and keep your phone cool as well.

You can use a fast wireless charger to charge your iPhone X without any issues as the device will only pull a maximum of 7.5W of power. If you are someone who frequently switches between Samsung’s latest flagship handset and the iPhone, buying a fast wireless charger makes the most sense in such a scenario.

#5 AirPower

If you own or will own an iPhone 8 or iPhone X, AirPods, and the Apple Watch Series 3, you should seriously consider buying the AirPower wireless charging mat from Apple when it launches next year. This is because when it comes out, AirPower would be the only wireless charging mat in the market to be able to charge all three of Apple’s devices wirelessly.

Sure, buying an AirPower is going to be an expensive affair but it is also going to be convenient if you own an iPhone 8/X, Apple Watch, and AirPods. However, you will need to wait until 2018, and will not cost less than $100.

iPhone X and AirPower

Make sure to keep the above tips in mind while buying a Qi wireless charger for your new iPhone and you should be set. If there are any other tips you would like to share with our readers when it comes to buying a Qi wireless charger, do make sure to drop a comment and let them know.