How to Use the New iOS 11 Podcasts App on iPhone and iPad

Apple Podcasts App iOS 11 Featured

The Podcasts app in iOS 11 has been redesigned. One the face of it, the Apple Music inspired design doesn’t instill much confidence. But the new app is a breath of fresh air and brings a much-needed visual update. It’s now much easier to add and listen to podcasts. Plus, the new Podcasts app will even recommend you a couple of podcasts as it learns your taste.

The New Tab Design

The first thing you’ll notice after opening the app is the fact that the tabs are all new. Now, you’ll find four tabs – Listen Now, Library, Browse and Search. Search tab is self-explanatory.

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Browse is the tab you should get started in. The library is where you’ll find all the podcasts you’re subscribed to. Listen Now contains the feed of the latest episodes.

How to Browse and Subscribe to Podcasts

Tap on the Browse section. You’ll find an App Store-like system to browse shows. Tap on show art to read the description.

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When you find a show that you like, tap on the Subscribe button. If you only what to add to a particular episode, tap on the plus button next to it.

How to Manage Your Podcasts

Tap on the Library section and you’ll see all the podcasts you’ve subscribed to. You’ll find sorting option for Shows, Episodes and Downloading at the top.

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Tap on a podcast to see a list of all downloaded or downloading episodes. Tap on the menu button. You’ll find options to Unsubscribe, Delete from Library, and queue options.

How to Play Episodes in Podcasts App

Go to the Listen Now section, tap on an episode and select Play to start playing the podcast.

You’ll instantly see the mini player in the bottom. Tap on it to reveal all controls. Just like the Music app, you’ll need to swipe up to reveal sleep timer and show notes.

You can change the speed from the bottom-left button. Tap on the menu button for options like saving the episode, playing it next or for sharing it.

How to Build a Queue in Podcasts App

It’s really easy to build and manage your episode queue. When you’re already playing an episode and you find something else you want to play next, 3D Touch on the episode and select Play Next.

If your device doesn’t have 3D Touch, tap on the menu button from the episode detail view and select Play Next.

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To see your queue, go to the Now Playing screen, swipe up and get to the Up Next section.

Use the handles to rearrange the queue. To delete a podcast episode from the queue, swipe left on it and tap on Remove.

What Do You Think of the New Podcasts App?

Are you going to use the new Podcasts app? Is it good enough for you to ditch Overcast or Pocket Casts? Share with us in the comments below.

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