iPhone 8 and iPhone X Support Wireless Charging Without a Base

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X (finally) introduce wireless charging support, and Apple didn’t even talk about its biggest potential supported feature.

Wireless charging, up to this point, has been a standard fare: You plug in a base, which you then set your phone on top of to charge. You’re not plugging the phone into anything, hence the wireless part, but you are still needing to plug the base in, and then set the phone on it. But the future is bright for wireless charging in general, as the focus for years now has been on simply allowing a phone to rest on a desk, and not on a specific base, to charge it.

Long distance, contact-free wireless charging is on the way, and the iPhone 8 and iPhone X support the feature. As reported earlier today by 9to5Mac, a third-party company named Pi is currently working on a demo device now, and they are even letting people reserve a production model. With it, the company says a device can be charged without having to be set upon a pad.

They say it will charge with 10w of power, which they say is similar to charging when connected to a cable, and that the truly wireless charging solution can power up four different devices at the same time. Many devices will need to have a specific third-party case to support the feature, but the newest iPhone models already support it right out of the box.

“Pi is more than a work of art, it’s groundbreaking technology. Our patented power platform allows Pi to change the angle of a magnetic field to perfectly match the angle of your device – no more charging pads. It can charge up to four phones at full speed, or even more devices at reduced speed even if they’re moving. And it follows existing FCC safety guidelines. The result is safe, seamless power.”

There are some important caveats to be aware of. Pi says that the charging distance is only one foot, which means it might take some careful positioning to be able to use your iPhone while it’s charging. In addition to that, Pi has not yet priced its charging option, but they are aiming for “below $200.” And Pi has no official date circled on the calendar for a launch window just yet, either.

Still, it’s good to know that the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X all support this option. It will be interesting to see what devices do arrive on market to take advantage of it.

[via 9to5Mac; Pi]