Early iPhone X Benchmarks Reveals It Has a Monster CPU; Blows Away Samsung Galaxy S8

iPhone X design

Less than an hour before the September 12th iPhone event, iPhone X Geekbench scores have leaked. And they’re a doozy. iPhones have always crushed the competition when it came to raw CPU performance but it looks like the new iPhone is going to leapfrog not just the competition but even pro laptops when it comes to sheer numbers.

iPhone X’s benchmark is available on the Geekbench website. The A11 chipset is powered by 6 cores. 4 of them are low powered. And according to the benchmark, they’re getting a 4061 single-core score and 9956 multi-core score. That’s a lot.

iPhone X Benchmarks

By comparison, the Galaxy S8 running on its Exynos 8895 chip scored 1978 in single-core and 6375 in multi-core. Yes, it’s an apple to oranges comparison but it shows just how powerful the new iPhone is going to be.

In fact, by sheer numbers, it’s way more powerful than the mid-2014 Retina MacBook Pro I’m using to type this right now. My MacBook Pro only managed 3753 in single-core and 7151 in multi-core.

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[Via: Steve T-S on Twitter].