iPhone X Face ID Will Support One Face Per Device at Launch

When Apple unveiled Face ID, they billed the software as the next big step for device security, doing what they could to sell it as a better alternative to Touch ID — which it was replacing on this year’s flagship iPhone.

In an effort to help keep a device locked to the owner, Apple has made the decision to keep it a one-face-per-device kind of situation. TechCrunch reports that, by the time the iPhone X launches in November, each device will only support one face per unit. This might make it a bit tricky for use cases, depending on each individual’s needs. For someone who never gives up their phone without explicit permission, and, in most cases, providing their fingerprint for Touch ID to unlock it, only supporting one face (their face) isn’t a big deal.

In a household where there might be the need, or just the desire, to have multiple people gain access to your phone, though, supporting only one face might be an obstacle. A parent that has previously registered their child’s (or children’s) fingerprint so they can play a game on the phone, without having to give it to the parent first, won’t have that option with Face ID. Even allowing access to a significant other isn’t possible.

Thankfully, the passcode option is still there, so you could just hand that over so the significant other or child could put that in, so it’s not a complete lost cause. Some would argue inputing a passcode would be frustrating, and maybe you get asked one too many times by a child who can’t remember the code, but at least it’s an option.

One has to think that Apple opens this up a bit, in terms of multiple face recognition, by the time Face ID arrives on the iPad lineup, though, right?

[via TechCrunch]