iPhone X Lock Screen and Home Screen Detailed in New Images

Earlier this month, Apple officially showed off the iPhone X, confirming the notch design, a new webOS-inspired user interface, and more.

Now, thanks to a recent update to Xcode, to beta version 9.1, we have a pretty clear look at how the lock screen and home screen will look on the upcoming flagship iPhone. There’s nothing too surprising in the recent batch of images and onboarding videos, seeing as the iPhone X is now official and Apple has a landing page showing off the handset, but it’s still a nice look at what to expect.

As we’ve seen, the dock on the bottom of the iPhone X home screen will be similar to the iPad lineup running iOS 11, meaning it won’t be attached to the sides of the display, adopting the rounded edges. It will still only hold four apps in it, too, just like the current iPhone family.

The lock screen has a few more surprises, though. Specifically, there is now a “Swipe up to unlock” displayed on it, making it obvious how to access the phone. The home screen navigational bar at the bottom of the display will also animate, up and down, to help prompt an unlock. The camera icon is there on the bottom right of the display, too.

Apple is also including an icon for Control Center, which is a nice change. It’s located in the top-right of the display, which is where the owner will have to swipe down to access. It’s a pretty prominent icon, so it will be hard to miss on the lock screen.

Developer Guilherme Rambo has published a few onboarding videos as well to Twitter, and you can see them below.

Are you gearing up for your iPhone X pre-order?

[via 9to5Mac; @_inside]