iPhone X Demand May Outstrip Supply Until Mid-2018

iPhone X Features 8

Stock for the iPhone X has been repeatedly said to have limited stock after it launches, and now another analyst note repeats the same sentiment.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a new note regarding the supply and demand situation for the iPhone X, which goes up for pre-order in late October and officially launches in early November. The note also talks about other features of the iPhone X in general, noting that the reception for the device has been positive basically across the board, and that Face ID will help the handset standout against the competition.

However, production will still play a big part for the upcoming flagship iPhone. Kuo does not believe that Apple will be able to keep up with demand for the iPhone X before the first half of 2018. Kuo had previously stated that he believes Apple could manufacture upwards of 50 million iPhone X units before the end of 2017, but he has since downgraded that expectation to just 40 million units before the end of this year.

That aforementioned positive feedback, though, has Kuo more positive on leading into 2018, though, where he believes Apple will continue to sell through its stock for quite some time, as demand will remain high. Features like the Animoji and facial recognition in general are high marks for Apple and its customer base, according to Kuo, and it will continue to drive folks to wanting to buy the smartphone.

As it stands right now, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus went up for pre-order in the wee hours of the morning and, soon enough, shipments for the devices, depending on storage options, began slipping to just a couple of weeks, so it looks like demand for Apple’s other new iPhones is also pretty steady. However, it’s likely that the situation for the iPhone X, depending on all of the differentiating factors like stock and demand, may make availability even tighter.

Do you plan on pre-ordering an iPhone X when the option becomes available?

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