Is the iPhone X Worth the Cost and Wait?

The iPhone 8 has felt like a long time coming since September of last year. After Apple officially announced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it was like an immediate turnaround on iPhone rumors, with the lion’s share of attention being placed on what was coming next. One year full out from back then, leading to today, the rumor mill has been working overtime trying to piece together what Apple would launch on the tenth anniversary of the iPhone brand.

Of course, there’s nothing really new there. The rumor mill is relentless, especially when it comes to iPhones, and hearing about what Apple may be working on next, even after it has just introduced a real thing, is pretty common. But this year has always felt a bit different, simply because it’s the ten-year anniversary. This iPhone was going to be big, and people were rightfully excited about it.

Even the folks who were planning on picking up an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Today, Apple held the event that officially welcomed the iPhone X to the world. For anyone who has been keeping tabs on all the rumors regarding the new flagship iPhone, especially this last weekend, there wasn’t much to be “surprised” about. Which is just the nature of dealing with smartphone news. But for anyone who simply checked in with the event, or even after the fact, and haven’t been going out of the way to ruin the surprise, well, Apple unveiled a pretty fantastic device.

Yes, it has wireless charging, a bezel-less design, a glass back, OLED display, and so on and so forth. All things that have been in Android phones for years. But that’s just the nature of how Apple works. Better late than never, and, in some cases, better late and perfected for the iPhone than slapped in there haphazardly.

And that’s ultimately what the iPhone X means for me at this point. A lot of these features that I’ve used in other phones, but, ultimately haven’t kept for one reason or another and have made my way back to the iPhone, are finally in the phone I feel most comfortable with. The phone that, more often than not, I want to use. My daily driver will finally have all those things I enjoyed, or even loved, about other phones.

Cost is obviously going to be an issue, but Apple isn’t alone in this. Flagships are getting more expensive. Whatever determining factor companies use behind-the-scenes to figure out pricing for their flagships has run amok, and we’re left to deal with the consequences.

The Samsung-branded Galaxy Note 8 costs around $940-960, for example, and that’s with 64GB of built-in storage (which can be expanded, yes, but if you’re buying a new microSD card that’s added cost). Seeing the iPhone X priced just a bit above that isn’t surprising in the slightest. Even if it isn’t surprising, it’s still expensive. Forking over a grand (or more) for a smartphone might not be an easy thing to stomach for some people.

But, as far as I’m concerned, the iPhone X appears to be worth the wait. Barring any unforeseen issues after the phone arrives, it looks like the new flagship iPhone is a combination of all the things people have been requesting for years. But, what do you think? Was the iPhone X worth the wait?