You Now Have 48 Hours to Watch an iTunes Movie Rental After You Start it

Apple is changing quite a bit about how movies are handled in iTunes, including 4K films being priced the same as standard high definition films.

And now, as first noticed by MacRumors, Apple is also changing the way that it handles movie rentals via iTunes. Specifically, it deals with the time allotted to a customer that has rented a film. There is still the traditional 30-day window that customers get, allowing them to wait quite a bit before they start watching it.

However, once you start the film, you will now have 48 hours to complete viewing it, or watch it again if you want. The change is implementing an additional 24 hours for customers to finish, or rewatch their rented content. Up until this point, iTunes movie rentals were only available for 24 hours after the film was started.

This change is a big one for U.S. customers, as the 48-hour window has been available outside of the United States for quite some time. As far as other key details, like being able to watch rented content via a variety of different Apple products, as well as being able to download the rented film on only one of those devices, remain the same. Apple also confirmed that downloaded films, watched offline, will still be tied to that 48 hour window.

It is a change that gives customers a bit more of a window to watch their rented content, since not all can immediately finish a film they’ve started.

How often do you rent content from iTunes?

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