iTunes Showcasing 4K HDR Films in iTunes Ahead of Apple TV 4K Launch

The Apple TV 4K, Apple’s brand new set-top box, is scheduled to launch this Friday, September 22. Ahead of that, Apple is priming iTunes to start showcasing 4K HDR content.

Today, Apple launched a dedicated section in the Movies section within iTunes, which is designed to promote a variety of different films, ranging in genres and styles, but that all support 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. As usual, it’s a lot of lists, but the cover art for each film should make it pretty easy to peruse the listings.

Here’s Apple describing the content therein:

“Watching a movie in 4K HDR means experiencing it with amazing clarity and vibrant colors. With 4K, you get four times as many pixels as HD, resulting in sharper, crisper images. And HDR delivers colors that are brighter, richer, and more true to life. Explore a selection of movies available with these stunning qualities.”

As far as what’s available, you can find recent tiles like Kong: Skull Island, Wonder Woman, and Baby Driver. There are some older titles, too, including GoodFellas and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

It is worth noting that Disney films, despite just having launched its first 4K HDR movie, is not supported in iTunes just yet. Additionally, if you own any iTunes films in HD that now support 4K HDR, Apple will be upgrading them to the new format at no additional cost for the owner.

The Apple TV 4K officially launches this Friday, starting at $179. It will have a bastion of content when it launches, which is a good thing. Do you plan on buying one?