Like the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Facial Recognition System Can Be Easily Fooled Using a Photo

Back when Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 this year, videos soon popped up on the internet that showed people fooling its facial recognition system using photos displayed on the screen of another device. Almost six months later, the story remains the same with the Galaxy Note 8. Like the Galaxy S8, the Note 8 makes use of its front facing camera to offer facial recognition.

While this allows Samsung to add face recognition as a feature in the spec sheet of the Galaxy Note 8, the method is very insecure and unreliable. As developer @MelTajon shows in a quick video, the Galaxy Note 8’s facial recognition system can be easily fooled by displaying the user’s photo from another device.

To Samsung’s defence, the company has already accepted that face recognition on its flagship Galaxy S devices launched this year is not completely secure which is why it does not use it for authorising Samsung Pay transactions. Instead, the company recommends customers to make use of iris scanning on the device which is more secure and foolproof.

Apple is also expected to include Face ID on the iPhone 8. However, the company’s implementation is going to be different from that of Samsung. The handset will feature an array of infrared sensors at the front which will be used to capture depth information along with the user’s face. This way, Apple will be able to circumvent the problem of face unlock being fooled by a photo. The use of IR sensors will also ensure that Face ID on the iPhone 8 will work properly in low-light scenarios, which is not the case on the Galaxy S8, LG V30, and Galaxy Note 8.