User Claims iPhone 8 Plus Split Open While Being Charged

iPhone 8 Plus Split Opens

The iPhone 8 Plus officially went on sale last weekend. Hot on the heels of its arrival, a couple of users are claiming to be getting defective units of the handset. One user in Taiwan claimed that the phone split open across the edges while charging. The user clarifies that the original Lightning cable and charging adapter were being used at the time. The corresponding images indicate that the battery had swollen up resulting in the frame splitting open.

Just as Apple deals with this particular issue, a user in Japan has seemingly received the iPhone 8 Plus in a similar condition, with the device split open inside the retail packaging.

We don’t know all the facts of the two cases here, but there’s no doubt that this will serve as bad PR for Apple in the coming days. In cases like these, we have usually found that customers sometimes are guilty of using third-party chargers or accessories, leading the batteries to swell up and the device to ultimately split open. There have been cases of fires and minor explosions caused by third-party iPhone chargers in the past. But since the customers here insist that it wasn’t the case, we’re going to take their word for it.

Apple is yet to offer a statement on the issue, although the company cannot afford to be quiet for too long. Some segments of the media are calling this an “explosion”, but there’s no evidence to back up this claim. The images show the iPhone 8 Plus in pristine condition, with no burn marks whatsoever. More word is awaited in the days to come.

[Via TNW]