3D Touch Multitasking Returns in iOS 11.1 Developer Beta 2

Earlier today, Apple officially seeded the second developer beta of iOS 11.1, which not only brings brand new emoji to the mix, but also brings back one oft-requested feature.

Back in June of this year, it was confirmed by Apple’s Craig Federighi that the company would be temporarily removing the 3D Touch-based gesture that allowed for quick multitasking/app switching. When it was confirmed, the feedback from fans of the feature was loud, especially on social media. It took several months, but Apple eventually announced that the gesture would make its return in iOS 11, but that it would arrive in a subsequent update with no date circled on the calendar for its arrival.

Well, the second developer beta of iOS 11.1 has arrived, and, as discovered in the pre-release software, the 3D Touch multitasking gesture has made its (triumphant) return. Back in June, Federighi said that the reason Apple removed the gesture from iOS 11 was due to a “technical constraint,” but didn’t divulge in any further on what that might mean. Whatever it was, it looks like Apple is confident it has been settled, so the gesture can return.

As a refresher, the 3D Touch-based gesture is available on devices that support 3D Touch, and it allows users to hard press on the left-edge of the device’s display to quickly launch the multitasking feature. It’s quick and reduces the need to constantly double-press the Home button.

This is one of the bigger features discovered in the recently released iOS 11.1 developer beta, which is now available in its second phase for developers. A second public beta should be seeded by Apple this week, too, so if you’re part of the beta program and have been missing this feature, this should be welcomed news.

[via MacRumors]