Apple’s ‘App of the Day’ Can Boost App Sales by up to 1747%

iOS 11 App Store

On a regular basis, Apple hosts a variety of promotions for apps and games in its App Stores, from the Mac App Store to the iOS App Store.

One of those promotions is the “App of the Day.” It’s part of the overall “Today” promo section of the App Store, and it includes the “App of the Day” and “Game of the Day” categories. As one can discern from the names of the promos, each category hosts its specialized feature, and according to data from Apptopia, being featured in either category can do huge things for sales.

According to 30 days of data put together by Apptopia, being featured in the “Today” section see a big surge of downloads and purchase rates. An app that is featured in the promo section can see its download numbers skyrocket up to 2,172 percent. Unsurprisingly, free apps and games do get more attention in the Today section, with their download rates even higher.

In the course of the 30 days, Apptopia noted that 11 of the 30 total apps were free apps, while five of the 30 games in their specific section were free games. And the data also shows that apps and games that are not already well known see the best results out of the Today promotion. At one point during the 30-day stretch, the Starbucks app was featured, and, to no one’s shock, the app was only downloaded a “handful” of times.

On average, apps see a total average boost to their downloads when being featured in Today up to 1,747 percent. Meanwhile, games see an average boost of 792 percent. Free games get a bit of a nudge, though, and can see a maximum gain of up to 963 percent.

Apple swaps out the apps and games it promotes in the Today section, so the turnover rate is pretty quick. However, it looks like the promotion does wonders for the developers that get their apps and games promoted within the digital storefront.

[via TechCrunch]