Apple Reportedly Working With LG to Build a Foldable iPhone

iPhone X Plus Side

Samsung has been working on a smartphone that can be folded for quite some time now, and it looks like that might be the next “big thing” in the industry as a whole if a new report is any indication.

According to The Bell, by way of The Investor, Apple is currently working with LG to build a foldable smartphone. The report indicates that Samsung was considered at one point, but Apple’s focus on reducing leaks, as well as the competitive nature between the two companies, led executives to go ahead and work with LG instead.

On top of that, LG Innotek has reportedly been tasked with putting together the rigid, but flexible printed circuit board that would be installed in all of the foldable iPhone units. Part of this deal might see Apple investing in one of LG’s manufacturing plants. A foldable iPhone, if one ever launches, will use an OLED panel.

For its part, there are rumors that Samsung could introduce a foldable smartphone as early as 2018. However, this report indicates that Apple will still take its time with this technology and design shift, with the LG deal seeing production starting sometime in 2020. That means, if this all pans out, the first foldable iPhone might not see the light of day until 2021.

This is all years away, even if Samsung does plan on introducing a foldable smartphone to the market as early as 2018. Tim Cook made it perfectly clear in a recent interview that Apple still isn’t focused on being the first when it comes to certain technologies, and it would stand to reason that a foldable smartphone is not something Apple would aim to be first with.

Are you interested in a foldable iPhone?

[via The Investor]