Report Claims Apple Will Only Ship 20 Million Units of the iPhone X in 2017

iPhone X

A new report by Nikkei claims that the iPhone X will be in short supply this year owing to production issues. The publication mentions that Apple will only ship 20 million units of the handset in 2017. It is important to note that Apple initially planned to ship at least 40 million units of the iPhone X this year, but production issues appear to have significantly impacted the company’s shipments forecast.

The report firmly pins the blame on the TrueDepth camera system while previous reports have talked about the scarcity of the dot projector and infrared camera.

Manufacturing the 3D depth-sensing camera appears to be a bit of a concern for Apple suppliers right now. While the yields of this component have apparently improved by late September, there’s simply not enough time to produce 40 million units of the iPhone X before the end of the year.

Apple suppliers apparently faced issues with the bonding process for the OLED display, but Nikkei claims those issues were sorted way back in July. Apple’s current output is said to be nearly 10 million iPhone X units per month, which roughly translates to around 20 million units by the end of the year.

iPhones have historically sold in excess of 10 million units during the opening weekend, which makes this particular report quite concerning for Apple and its fans. The iPhone X goes on pre-order this Friday with shipments slated to commence next week.

[Via Nikkei]