Apple Partners with GE to Bring Predix Industrial Apps to iPhone and iPad

Apple today announced that it is partnering with General Electric (GE) to bring powerful industrial apps featuring predictive data and analytics from Predix to the iPhone and iPad. This will be made possible by a new Predix SDK unveiled by the two companies today which will allow the development of powerful IoT apps.

The SDK will be available to download start from October 26. Apple says these new apps will provide industrial operators with more insight and visibility into their performance and operations right from their iPhone or iPad. For example, a Predix app can automatically notify a worker of a potential issue with their equipment through a notification on their phone. The worker can then remotely collaborate with the inspection and repair team for a quick diagnosis and data collection.

“GE is an ideal partner with a rich history of innovation across the industrial world in areas like aviation, manufacturing, healthcare and energy,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Together, Apple and GE are fundamentally changing how the industrial world works by combining GE’s Predix platform with the power and simplicity of iPhone and iPad.”

This move will help reduce unexpected downtimes and increase the savings for GE. The company is also working with Apple to create apps for its internal use as well as for its clients that will help them run their operations more efficiently. It is already releasing the Asset Performance Management (APM) Cases app on the iOS App Store which allows businesses to increase the reliability and savings from their machinery and operations. GE will standardise on the iPhone and iPad as mobile devices, and it will also be promoting Macs as the preferred choice among its 330,000 employees.

[Via Apple]