Some Apple Watch Series 3 Units Suffering From ‘Display Edge Stripes’

If you have an Apple Watch Series 3, particularly the variant without built-in cellular connectivity, and have noticed stripes on the side of your display, you aren’t alone.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple has officially identified “display edge stripes” that predominantly appear on the side of the wearable’s screen. The stripes appear more boldly when the screen is off. As noted by Apple, the GPS-only model of the smartwatch appears to be the most affected by the problem, as the company doesn’t mention the LTE model in its internal report.

As it stands right now, it does not appear that this is a particularly widespread issue, as there haven’t been many reports of the problem up to this point from owners out in the wild. Here’s how Apple suggests the problem can be discovered, both of which can be done at home before making an appointment with the Genius Bar.

“Apple’s process of inspecting the device for the display edge stripes issue includes having the customer rub their finger along the display while it’s turned off “to allow smearing to appear” and make the edge display stripes easier to see. If that doesn’t work, retail staff will ask the customer to “breathe on the display edge to create humidity or fog” and inspect again.”

If you do have the issue crop up, the device’s manufacturer warranty should cover any necessary repairs or replacements. As noted in the original report, Apple is not currently doing repairs for the issue. Instead, they are sending out the affected Apple Watch 3 and getting a replacement back.

Apple has also notified its third-party authorized service providers as well.

Have you noticed this issue on your Apple Watch Series 3?

[via 9to5Mac]