‘Cardhop’ is a New Way to Manage Contacts on a Mac From the Makers of Fantastical

If you have been looking for a new way to manage your contacts list, the developers behind the popular calendar app Fantastical have a new option to check out.

Flexibits has officially launched their new contacts management app, Cardhop, into the Mac App Store today. It’s also available from the developer’s website as well. Cardhop adds a lot of flair and personality to the contacts list, which is traditionally pretty lackluster, while also building in a variety of features and worthwhile tweaks to the formula. It catalogs all of your contacts into one place, from different sources, and makes it quick and easy to manage them.

Unsurprisingly, Flexibits built into Cardhop the ability to just type and get what you’re looking for, thanks to natural language support. Using the app and typing in a contact will pull up the contact card, and adding a new contact is just as easy as typing in an entry or copying it over from another app. Each contact entry has a variety of fields that can be filled out, including Skype info, email, address, birthday, a Twitter handle, Facebook, and more. Searching for a contact within the app will show all of that information when the contact card is pulled up.

Users can use phrases to quickly add information to a contact card, too. So typing in something like “Annie” followed by a phone number and “work” will automatically add that phone number under the “Work” field in the contact card for Annie. When a new contact is added, or an existing contact is edited, it will automatically sync with the Apple Contacts app, too.

Cardhop also makes it possible to make groups within the app, which means you can add multiple people to a single group for easy search results and communication. If you have a group of people that work for a single company, you can add them, add the work group name, and then they will be bunched together for easy sorting. It also makes it easier to send out a group email.

There are quick actions built into the app, too, which should make it easier to quickly get what you want done with a specific contact. These actions are customizable, so if you always text one contact, you can have that be the first option that appears within the contact card. If you always call someone, or email them, those quick actions can also be added. FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, Message, Skype, Directions, Email, Call, URL, Telegram, Copy, and VoIP, are the included options.

Users can also quickly type in what they want to do, too. If you want to email your friend Eric, for example, you can simply type into the app “Email Eric” and the action will take place. The same can be done with any of the quick actions, so getting a text out, making a call, or even launching FaceTime are all quickly handled.

If you ever used the Notes feature that’s built into the contacts app, but have been frustrated by the fact it is traditionally buried and out of sight, that changes in Cardhop. The new app will present the notes you have on a contact front-and-center when you access that contact card. That should make it easier to know what you wanted to know about them, without having to dig around for the information. After all, if you’ve entered a note about someone, you probably want to have that information handy the next time you pull up the contact card.

Here’s a video on the app, so you can see how it works:

The app is available right now for $14.99, but that is a limited time special price. When the promotion ends, it will retail for $19.99. And if you want to check out the app before buying it, Flexibits is hosting a 21-day trial period, which you can access from their website.

Are you going to try Cardhop?


[via Flexibits]