Face ID on iPhone X Is a Hit or Miss with Identical Twins

When Apple initially unveiled Face ID on the iPhone X there was a lot of scepticism surrounding its safety. Previous implementation of face unlock on smartphones from various Android OEMs could be easily fooled which led to many people having these concerns.

Apple, however, confidently said that Face ID is more secure than Touch ID, though there is a possibility that it can be fooled if you have a twin brother or sister. To put Apple’s claims to tests, Business Insider and Mashable both put the Face ID system on the iPhone X to a “twin test.”

Interestingly, the results of both publications were completely contrasting to each other. Mashable had two sets of identical twins for its testing where it asked one of the twins from each pair to first register their face in Face ID and then unlock the iPhone X to confirm it is working. After this, the second twins from both pairs were asked to hold the iPhone X in front of their face to try and unlock the device. Bizarrely, Face ID was fooled both times and it ended up unlocking the iPhone X.

Business Insider only had one pair of twins for its tests but its results were the complete opposite of that of Mashable. In its testing, the first twin tried fooling Face ID after registering his face by wearing a hat, glasses, scarf etc. In all such scenarios, Face ID successfully recognised his face and unlocked the iPhone X. However, when the second identical twin tried unlocking the iPhone X, Face ID failed to recognise the face and did not unlock the device. This was not a one-off win for Face ID as the second twin tried multiple times to unlock the iPhone X but could not fool the facial recognition system.

Overall, it looks like Face ID on the iPhone X can be a hit or a miss if you have an identical twin. In such cases, if you value your privacy and want to keep the data on your smartphone secure, you should follow Apple’s recommendation and use a passcode on your iPhone X for optimum security.

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