Have You Faced Problems with Butterfly-Style Keyboard on Your MacBook?


The Butterfly keyboard used by Apple which first debuted in 2015 and is now being used by the company across its entire MacBook lineup has recently come under a lot of flak. Apparently, a single speck of dust is enough to make the keys on the keyboard stop working.

As if that was not already enough, the poor design means that to replace one single key, the whole keyboard and the top casing of the laptop needs to be replaced. This is just how Apple has engineered the whole thing. The design of the butterfly keyboard makes it difficult for even a speck of dust to get inside the keyboard but when it does, its enough to warrant a complete replacement of the keyboard.

The whole outraged was sparked by a post titled “The New MacBook keyboard is ruining my life” from Casey Johnston for The Outline. 

The butterfly keyboard mechanism had met with pretty polarising reactions when Apple had first launched it. Some people hate it, some people love it. And this reliability issue is only going to make more people hate it. In comparison, the previous scissor style keyboard used by Apple was widely loved by everyone and was considered to be among the best keyboards on a Mac. Many people who get used to the new butterfly keyboard say they cannot go back to using the scissor style keyboard as they find its keys wobbly and unstable.

What has your experience been with the butterfly keyboard on your MacBook? Has it worked reliably for you? Take part in our poll below and drop a comment and let us know your thoughts as well.