iOS 11.2 Beta 1 vs iOS 11.0.3 Speed Test

iPhone 8 Plus front view

Apple is yet to release the final build of iOS 11.1 for all iPhones and iPad out there but the company surprised everyone by releasing the first beta of iOS 11.2 for compatible devices yesterday.

While iOS 11.1 is all about bug fixes, introduces new features that were originally announced as a part of iOS 11, and little refinements, iOS 11.2 seems is about Siri Kit on the HomePod and bug fixes. But has Apple also made some underlying changes with iOS 11.2 to improve the overall performance of iPhones and iPads?

When compared to iOS 11.0.3, the current stable build of iOS 11, the most immediate change you are going to notice in iOS 11.1 beta 1 is the reduced boot times. As speed tests from iAppleBytes shows, iOS 11.2 beta 1 leads to a reduction in boot times of almost 15 seconds on the iPhone 5s. On other newer iPhones, the reduction is in the range of 5 to 10 seconds — a notable improvement over iOS 11. iOS 11 did lead to an increase in boot times so this is a welcome improvement from Apple’s side.

While benchmark scores do favor iPhones running iOS 11.0.3, one must not forget that iOS 11.2 is still in its early beta stages. Its performance will likely continue to improve in future beta releases with Apple also making other improvements to it.

Have you installed iOS 11.2 beta 2 on your iPhone or iPad yet?