iPhone X Hands-On Videos Start Making Their Way to YouTube

A trio of videos related to the iPhone X has hit YouTube which shows off the various aspects of the device. The first video gives us a quick look at the in-box packaging of the iPhone X, while the second one provides a hands-on overview of the device. The third video shows how to set up Face ID on the iPhone X. 

The unboxing video provides us with a look at the content Apple will be bundling in the retail box of the iPhone X. This includes some guides to help set up the iPhone X, tips on how to navigate around the device with the new gestures, a 5W charger, Lighting-to-3.5mm adapter, and a couple of Apple stickers.


The second video does a decent job at highlighting the bezel-less front of the iPhone X which looks drop dead gorgeous. It also provides a quick overview of the various features and aspects of the device. It also provides a quick look at the new Animojis feature in action on the iMessage app and the new filters in Snapchat for iOS which takes advantage of the front-facing TrueDepth camera. This is a more detailed video and provides a good look at Animoji and other new features of the iPhone X.

Lastly, the final video is about how one can set up Face ID on the iPhone X. The process is pretty straightforward and requires one to move their head in a circular motion to ensure the TrueDepth camera captures all the necessary depth information. After setting up Face ID, the YouTuber also shows how to unlock the device.

Apple started accepting pre-orders for the iPhone X from last week. Soon after the pre-orders went live, Apple said that pre-orders for the iPhone X have been off the charts. The device will hit retail stores on November 3, with Apple encouraging walk-in customers to arrive early.

Update: Apple seems to have invited some YouTubers and provided them with an early look at the iPhone X. More such hands-on videos of the iPhone X are now hitting YouTube.