iPhone X Will Hide Lock Screen Notification Previews by Default

The iPhone X will have a small tweak in place when it launches to the public on Friday, November 3, as far as lock screen notifications are concerned.

In the first impressions article written up by Steven Levy for Wired‘s Backchannel, one of the more interesting bits from the piece is how the iPhone X handles notification previews presented on the lock screen when the handset is locked. Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone will automatically hide notification previews on the lock screen by default.

This is a change of pace, because up until the release of the iPhone X, iOS’s ability to hide notification previews was an option you had to actually head into the Settings app to turn on. It wasn’t activated by default, as it appears to be on the iPhone X. When the option is switched on, instead of showing the full message in a text, or from another app, it will simply say that a new message or notification has arrived, without showing any detail.

Apple appears to be turning on this particular feature by default to hew more closely to its security-focused endeavors.

Using Face ID to unlock the iPhone X will show the notification previews in the usual way. As noted by Levy in the write-up, this feature being turned on by default also makes it possible to quickly confirm that Face ID has officially unlocked the handset — as the previews won’t appear in detail if the phone hasn’t been unlocked.

What do you think of this change?

[via Wired]