Some iPhone X Pre-Orders Are Seeing Improved Delivery Dates

Pre-orders for the iPhone X went live early this morning, and for folks who might have felt like they reserved an order in time to get a launch day delivery, but were met with shipping dates beyond that, some good news is trickling in.

According to several reports from Reddit and MacRumors, some iPhone X pre-order customers are starting to see that their delivery dates are improving by upwards of a week. Many customers who originally had an expected ship date between November 7 and November 10 are now seeing their pre-orders get bumped up, with delivery dates now elected for November 3.

Some orders that were originally meant to arrive between November 10 and November 17 are even getting the bump up in delivery dates.

While there’s nothing official from Apple, there are some interesting details. First, it looks like T-Mobile pre-order customers are the ones seeing the lion’s share of changed shipping estimates. And, as mentioned above, it looks like the majority of these changes are centered around customers who pre-ordered their iPhone X right at 12:01 AM PDT, or very close to.

Of course, while this is good news for customers that it is directly impacting right now, it also means that Apple could start changing these ship dates for the broader customer base, too. While it’s not likely that the majority of pre-orders will get improved shipping dates, more could, and those shipping dates will continue to improve after the phone launches on Friday, November 3.

If you pre-ordrered your iPhone X right at 12:01 AM, or close to, have you noticed if your shipping date has changed?

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