Jony Ive: The Launch of iPhone X on the iPhone’s 10th Anniversary a ‘Wonderful Coincidence’

Jony Ive

Long before the iPhone X was announced, the general consensus among fans and experts was that Apple was preparing a brand new iPhone lineup to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the original iPhone. However, Apple’s design head, Jony Ive believes otherwise. He claims this was nothing but a “wonderful coincidence”, suggesting that Apple was long planning a shift to an OLED display, but the time was right this year.

Speaking in an interview with Japanese design magazine Casa Brutus, Ive mentions that the iPhone X project has been underway for the past two years. Given the addition of TrueDepth camera as well as Face ID, Ive believes this was one of the toughest projects to work on.

He also spoke about how Face ID has been a dream for the company in order to offer users a contactless UI experience. He further spoke about how Face ID will offer a heightened user experience compared to Touch ID authentication. Ive also shed some light on the future of the iPhone X, particularly with regards to the upgrades that might be in process.

He talked about how the designs could be updated to better accommodate the integrated assembly of the chassis and the display. Lastly, Ive mentioned that the iPhone X is the start of a new chapter in the iPhone’s history rather than being the ultimate expression of iPhone.

We’re just a few weeks away from the release of the iPhone X with shipments slated to begin on or before November 3.

[Via Casa Brutus]