Some macOS High Sierra Users Experiencing Delayed iMessages and Texts

Back in September, Apple released macOS High Sierra to the public. Since then, some users are experiencing an issue with iMessage and text delivery.

As noted by AppleInsider, some users that have updated to the newest version of Apple’s desktop operating system are seeing a delay in the delivery notifications for both iMessages and standard text messages (which are delivered from the iPhone). And while the delay is bad enough, some users are also noting that having the Messages app active on a Mac can mean that an arriving iMessage or text won’t sound a notification from other devices — including the iPhone or an Apple Watch.

Conversation threads are starting to grow on Apple’s official support forum, and some users have discovered quick fixes. Some have discovered that disabling and turning back on message support on the Mac can fix the problem for a short period of time. Unfortunately, many have indicated the persistent issue creeps back.

The most extreme fixes revolve around either disabling messages on the Mac entirely, or rolling back to macOS Sierra — the previous iteration of the desktop operating system. Neither one of those fixes are keen, to be sure. As it stands right now, beta seeds of macOS High Sierra 10.13.1 do not appear to include a fix for this particular issue, either, and Apple hasn’t commented on the problem.

Some users are beginning to wonder if the issues are part of the rollout of Messages in iCloud, which, when it does arrive, will sync iMessage conversations from one devices to another via iCloud, making syncing, and deleting, conversations much easier. Unfortunately, there is no specific launch date for iMessage in iCloud.

Are you experiencing this issue at all?

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