Movie Shot on iPhone 6 Plus Gets Ten Golden Horse Nominations

The Great Buddha+

“The Great Buddha+”, a Taiwanese film which was shot on an iPhone 6 Plus, has received ten Golden Horse nominations which includes Best New Director and Best Feature Film nominations. The Golden Horse Awards is one of the most popular and prestigious awards for Mandarin cinema, with entries coming through from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The winners of this year’s Golden Horse Awards will be announced on the 25th of November in Taipei. The other nominations in addition to The Great Buddha+ include “The Bold, The Corrupt, and The Beautiful”, “Free and Easy”, “Love Education”, and “Angels Wear White”.

While we still have some waiting to do, the fact that a black and white feature film shot on an iPhone 6 Plus has been nominated is no doubt a matter of great pride for both the director – cinematographer duo as well as Apple.

The Great Buddha+ is directed by Huang Hsin-yao, while the cinematography duties were handled by renowned photographer, Chung Mung-hong. The movie is of significance considering the fact that it talks about some of the pertinent social issues in Taiwan.

Apple has extensively run “Shot on iPhone” campaigns where the users are encouraged to share pictures they have captured with their iPhones. Some of these photos have gone on to win photography awards as well. Apple has come a long way in terms of camera tech, and upped the ante significantly with the iPhone 7 Plus last year.

[Via Variety]