Original iPhone Reviewer Posts First Impressions of iPhone X

iPhone X Features 6

Steven Levy writing for the Wired has published his first impressions of using the iPhone X after using the device since last Tuesday. Levy was among the very few people who had reviewed the original iPhone before its release. Thus, to celebrate the launch of the iPhone X, which Apple’s CEO Tim Cook believes will turn a new leaf in the world of smartphones, Levy was among the very few to whom Apple provided a review unit ahead of time.

Levy’s take on the iPhone X is very interesting. While there is no denying that the iPhone X packs some nice upgrades and improvements over previous iPhones and even the iPhone 8, it is the “Animojis” feature in the iMessage app. It is the feature that you will show off to your friends and family to justify the $999 price tag of the iPhone X.

Tim Cook calls the iPhone X “the future of the smartphone.”

The screen, camera, compact form factor, and the improved battery life all help make the iPhone X a great smartphone and are a welcome improvement over its predecessor. The Super Retina display, in particular, is big, bright, and beautiful to look at. The notch at the top might look odd initially but Levy says that it will fade into one’s peripheral vision while using the X in no time. The lack of a home button on the iPhone X might seem jarring at first but most people would quickly get used to the gestures that have now replaced it.

Let’s cut to the chase though — how good/bad is Face ID on the iPhone X? It works, but it also fails sometimes. Face ID will simply not unlock your iPhone X when you point the phone to someone’s face. Levy even put his own mugshot in an attempt to fool Face ID but that did not work either. However, sometimes, Face ID  fail to work for Levy even when the TrueDepth camera had a clear view of his face. Apple chalked it to Levy not making eye contact with his iPhone X and Face ID only works when one looks at their device. With a small shift in the way he looks at his iPhone X while picking it up or looking at it, Levy was able to ensure that Face ID worked almost flawlessly. Levy also found the new way of triggering an Apple Pay transaction — double press the Sleep/wake button and then verify your face using Face ID — to be more convenient than before.

If you have pre-ordered an iPhone X or will be pre-ordering one, do make sure to read Steven Levy’s full first impressions of the iPhone X over at the Wired.

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